LEAF has operated in Japan since 1900, mainly in Tokyo, Nagano Prefecture and Hokkaido Island. Modern methods are used for evangelizing Japan.

In the early days LEAF started many kindergardens and various kinds of small groups that have been a successful way to reach both children and adults. Nowadays special methods are Internet-mission and Music ministry.

LEAF works in the Suomi-church building in Tokyo with a church hall where a Japanese congregation comes together with a LEAF pastor and a missionary. Suomi-church also serves Finnish people living in Tokyo area.

Japanese people are keeping up their ancient religious customs and beliefs. Only less than one percent of the population is Christian. Mission in Japan is very challenging.

The partner church is the Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church (JELC). Missionaries are working in congregations of JELC.


The internet is a modern tool to reach a vast number of people around the world quickly and cost-effectively. Internet-missionaries can sit in their home countries and still deliver the Gospel to people on the other side of the globe.

LEAF is doing Internet-mission to reach the Japanese people. Our missionaries produce attractive and evangelizing homepages for local congregations and translate Luther’s writings and other Lutheran texts for distribution through the internet

The possibility to interact with other readers is also essential. Internet-mission is operated for Russian speaking people as well. Vybor (“choice”) media includes a Youth Magazine and a web site. The web site comprises e.g. Christian teaching, interviews, video clips, an Internet radio and a bible quiz.

In addition, LEAF supports Plussmedia’s work in Estonia.