Read the answers to frequently asked questions about Christianity.

What is the meaning of life?
Is life a coincidence?
Does God Exist?
Is God almighty?
Where can I find God?

Am I precious?
How do I find peace?
Does God love me?
Does God hear my prayer?

Why is there suffering in this world?
If good God has created everything, where does evil come from?
What does sin mean? What is sin?
How can sins be forgiven?
Does sinning matter if one is forgiven anyway?
Can I still receive God's forgiveness?
What if I can't forgive?
Does Satan exist?

What is the Bible?
Why should I read the Bible?
Why should I believe what the Bible teaches?
Is the Bible truth?
How can I begin to read the Bible?
How to interpret the Bible?

Who is Jesus?
Did Jesus really exist?
Why did Jesus die on the cross?
Did Jesus really rise from the dead?
How can I come to know Jesus?
How do I become a Christian? How do I give my life to Jesus?

How do I get to heaven? How can I be saved?
How does faith begin?
What is faith like in everyday life? How do I follow Jesus?
How do I know if I am saved?
How does Christianity differ from other religions?
Do angels exist?

What is baptism?
Does my baptism matter?
Can one be saved without baptism?
What if I have not been baptized?
What if I have been baptized twice?

What is the Holy Communion?
What good there is in the Holy Communion?
Who can go to the Holy Communion?

What is the Holy Spirit?
Can human have the Holy Spirit?
The Bible teaches about an unforgivable sin – the blaspheming of the Holy Spirit – what does this mean?

What happens to us when we die?
Where can I get help when I fear death?
Will I see my dead relatives?
Is there a hell?
Where is heaven?

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