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The Lutheran Evangelical Association of Finland (Sley / LEAF) is an association that works inside the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (ELCF). The LEAF is a confessional Lutheran organization established in 1873 with its background in the Lutheran evangelical revival movement.

In Finland the LEAF organizes

  • Thousands of events every year, organized independently and with local parishes around the country.
  • Annual Good News Festival (Evankeliumijuhla) which brings together 10 000 people.
  • The largest Christian weekend youth festival in Europe "Land Ahoy" (Maata Nakyvissa), which gathers together 15 000 participants.
  • Courses and camps for children and families, confirmation classes and Bible courses in Karkku Folk High School and camping centers of LEAF .
  • Teams of volunteers around the country and lively Sunday service communities.
  • Production and publication of a Christian newspaper (Sanansaattaja), magazines for children (Vinkki) and youth (Nuotta) and essential Lutheran literature.

The foreign missionary work

The LEAF is one of the Mission Boards of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. LEAF started its foreign missionary work in 1900, in Japan. Now it has missionaries in six different countries: Japan, Kenya, Estonia, Russia, Germany and Myanmar. The LEAF has about 22 missionaries altogether.

The LEAF keeps the gospel of Jesus Christ at the centre, emphasises a holistic comprehension of mission with humanitarian needs.

Background work

  • Pre-mission courses
  • Missionary training courses
  • Outreach action trips for students to the field to see missionary work on the ground
  • Producing and publishing printed material like brochures and Prayer calendars (etc.), Radio and TV programmes (Lähetyskipinä) and rental material such as AV-materials and postable displays of mission work.