Does sinning matter if one is forgiven anyway?

Manu Ryösö
Maria Bavis

It is hard for man to understand just how dangerous the power of sin is. We wouldn’t even think of such questions if we truly understood how sin destroys life.

Sin separates us from God who is the giver of life and our Saviour. Why would we rebel against Him? He is the only one who loves unconditionally and has made the ultimate sacrifice for us.

Sin hurts both the sinner and the people around them. If you sin in full knowledge you are in effect nailing Jesus back on the cross. Jesus died because of the selfishness and disobedience of man! If you understand the cost of the forgiveness of your sins and what Jesus went through for you, you can no longer wilfully choose to sin.

Sin is always a crime against life itself even if we can’t see it. Sin always has its consequences, either for the person sinning or the people around him.

Sinning in full knowledge of what you’re doing, sinning because you choose to, will stain your conscience and quickly leave room for unbelief.

In baptism, a Christian moves from darkness to light, and with the help of God, is called to fight against sin and evil.

…you may wage the good warfare, holding faith and a good conscience. By rejecting this, some have made shipwreck of their faith
(1 Timothy 1:19, ESV)

God, keep me from sin and all evil. Guide me so my actions and my life would be pleasing to you.